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What You Can Experience In Vietnam?

Vietnam is a country filled with captivating natural beauty, delicious cuisine and warm people. AIESEC in Thailand has formed collaboration with AIESEC in Vietnam, to provide Thailand youth a quality leadership development .
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Leadership Development
Contribute to the World

Majestic Things and Adventurous Journey

Vietnam is a country that holds majestic things inside and adventurous journey. Brought to you by AIESEC in Vietnam. Let your journey begins in Vietnam.

Warm People

with greet of excitement to welcome everyone.

Good food

with the best coffee and food in Asia.


large forested areas.

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What Should I Do?

AIESEC in Thailand provides you a platform to be a volunteer in Vietnam.
And here is what you can do.

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  • Received interview notification
  • Interview
  • Get acceptance


    • Sign Acceptance Note
    • Do assessment
    • Pay THB11,000
    • Approval from both local manager and project manager

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Frequent Asked Questions
What is Global Volunteer program?
Global Volunteer is a cross-cultural experience for youth who want to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world. This program is unpaid and has a duration from 4 to 8 weeks. Our Global Volunteer projects around the world exist because as AIESEC, we choose to shape what we do around what the world needs. We have committed to creating a youth movement to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals by the year 2030.
Does Global Volunteer program has any cost? What expenses are covered with the fee?
The fee for this program is of 11,000 THB.
  • AIESEC fee covers: Outgoing Preparation Seminar, personalized service from AIESEC representatives, Incoming Preparation Seminar, AIESEC certification of exchange and more.
  • AIESEC fee does not cover: Flight ticket, VISA, international insurance, any kind of money expenditure during the experience, etc.
Is accommodation and food provided during the Global Volunteer program?
About accommodation, it is provided but sometimes it may not be covered for free. You will be staying with a Host Family, volunteering participants house or students dorm. Don’t forget to ask the AIESEC project manager about your accommodation during interview.
About food, it depends on the project; sometimes you might get 3 meals per day and sometimes you might not get any meal, it depends on the project. Don’t forget to ask the AIESEC project manager about your food during interview.
What will I gain from Global Volunteer program?
  • Engage with all kinds of people towards achieving a purpose bigger than yourself. It’s how you can empower others.
  • Volunteering abroad isn’t easy, but surpassing challenges is what makes it worth it. You learn how to be solution-oriented.
  • Making your contribution and seeing your impact in real-time will show you that you can indeed make a difference the world. Become that world citizen that’s needed more than ever.
  • Going beyond what you know opens up new worlds for you. Find your values, explore your passions, and become more self-aware.
What is the process I need to follow in order to go on a Global Volunteer exchange?
  1. Create your account at http://auth.aiesec.org
  2. Book and assist to a Consultancy Meeting with AIESEC at your university.
  3. Complete your profile and start applying to our opportunities at https://aiesec.org/search
  4. Have an online interview with AIESEC project manager of host country.
  5. Get accepted in the project, sign AIESEC documents and pay AIESEC fee.
  6. Attend to AIESEC Outgoing Preparation Seminar at your university.
  7. Buy your flight tickets, international insurance, do your VISA process and you are ready to go on an amazing life changing experience.
Why 6 weeks for Global Volunteer?

Our Global Volunteer is catered for 6 weeks because each week you will experience an element of change that is designed by professionals.

I have been through an exchange journey, for the first two weeks, I was experiencing culture shock and adapting myself. Starting from the third week, I discovered more about myself. At the end, I felt I was not ready to go back home! 🙂

Recommendations and TIPS during your application process:
  • Always check the email you provided during your registration process.
  • Always stay in touch with your Experience Manager to follow up in your application.
  • Check our AIESEC in Thailand Facebook Page for our special promotions.
  • Read carefully all the project details before applying to any opportunity.
  • Be aware about the VISA requirements of the country you are applying.
To which countries can I go on Global Volunteer program?
We recommend you to go to Mainland of China, Indonesia, Egypt, Romania, Brazil, and Taiwan. You can find the recommended projects here bit.ly/athvolunteer
We have AIESEC opportunities in more than 123 countries, however we strongly recommend you to apply to the countries above.
What are Global Volunteer projects about?
Our projects are aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nations, it means we have projects in many different areas such as reducing inequalities, education, gender equality, etc. We currently have more than +20,000 projects in our platform; here you can find a few examples of them:
DISCOVER project: In Discover project you will act as the fundamental change agent for Romanian kids (6 to 14 years old) that participate in the project. In this project, you will deliver cross cultural understanding, soft skills and English skills sessions. The duration of this project is of 6 weeks and it’s in Romania. Apply here: bit.ly/2HdVOdx
BRING THE HAPPINESS project: This project aims to empower the low-educated children for pursuing the higher level of education. To develop the potential within the children and they can have a broader mindset about this world. The duration of this project is of 6 weeks and it’s in Indonesia. Apply here: bit.ly/2EDoOWT
What Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs are?
The SDGs are a United Nations-sponsored effort to create a common set of development goals for all communities in every country, with a deadline for attainment of 2030. The idea is to get governments, aid organizations, foundations and NGOs on the same page about what global problems most urgently need to be solved and how to measure progress and solutions.