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Global Volunteer

Global Volunteer is a cross-cultural experience for youth who want to gain personal development and leave an impact on the world.

Experience new cultures

There’s nothing quite like being in a brand new country, living and volunteering with people from all around. Imagine the things you’d learn!

Make your impact

You can make a difference in the world, it starts with that first step. Contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals and tackle the issues you’re most passionate about.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

If you don’t try and experience new things, you’ll never find your full potential. Challenge yourself, and discover the best version of you.

What will you gain?
  • Engage with all kinds of people towards achieving a purpose bigger than yourself. It’s how you can empower others.
  • Volunteering abroad isn’t easy, but surpassing challenges is what makes it worth it. You learn how to be solution-oriented.
  • Making your contribution and seeing your impact in real-time will show you that you can indeed make a difference the world. Become that world citizen that’s needed more than ever.
  • Going beyond what you know opens up new worlds for you. Find your values, explore your passions, and become more self-aware.

You can be a Global Volunteer in


"I was a part of "find your way"camp which is a camp for children aged 10-13. At the end of our camp, I've "found my way" that I also can also be a giver and that is what makes me happy."


Global Volunteer – Lithuania

"This project changed me into new Rose as I started to know what I am good at and what I am eager for. Never too late to try new things and get the new experiences."


Global Volunteer – Vietnam

“At first, I was so worried that I might not be able to do anything because I knew nothing about autism. But then, this project changed me. It gave me the chance that I could learn and I could do."
Global Volunteer – China



Available for minimum 6 weeks





 Between 18 to 29 years old

Good mindset

 To change yourself and the world

Your Action Determines Your Worth

1. Sign Up and Consultation

Build your profile on the AIESEC Opportunities Portal and meet AIESEC representatives to get detailed information.


2. Search

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3. Interview

Once we find a match, we can start the process of organizing interviews and putting things in place for your internship.

4. Confirm and Go

Congratulations! You’ll have made it through the interview. From here we’ll get you prepared for your new adventure.

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