How I discover myself in Japan

Once you go on exchange your life changes completely. You come back to your country to find out that everything in you might have change; you feel more responsible, committed to yourself, more empower to achieve anything you propose but most importantly you discover new things about yourself you didn’t new before.


Today we have an interview with Kwanchanok, an International Business student from the Thai-Nichi Institute of Technology; who took an internship with AIESEC in Thailand.


Q: Can you introduce yourself?

A: Hello , I’m Kwanchanok, I’m majoring in International Business.


Q: Why did you decide to do an internship with AIESEC?

A: With my personal interest which related to international issues. I love to seek for something new and enhance my horizon by touching it by myself. I chose to do internship in Japan because I’m also interested in a lot of things in this country, I would like to learn their working system, mindset. In addition, I’m studying at TNI which made me got closer to the opportunity.


Q: What was your work field during the internship?

A: My Company was Office-related general trading which is in the office supply and real estate industry. My major roles were meeting the customers or suppliers , receiving their orders ,doing price quotation and market research . Moreover, I had a chance to prepare for company’s exhibition or imported wine seminar that provided unlimited drops of wine for participants and took care of partnership and customer. It was totally amazing for meeting with new people, building the connection, kind of society party plus traveling sometimes.


Q: What are your main take aways from this experience?

A: First one, I will talk about people. My senior colleges were nice and funny and they also taught me everything like drawing layout plan, Japanese language. Not only the colleges who were nice to me but also my boss who was generous. My housemates were also good. We were family-like (my accommodation was shared-house). Especially for,TN manager who took care of me well if I lacked of some stuffs they would provide me everything. In the first few days at workplace, she accompanied with me every day.
ACCOMODATION: I lived in an international shared house; there were diverse  nationalities such as Palestine’s, Japanese, France, American, Korean and Austrian. But everyone had their owns room. I selected two persons room because the cost is lower. We had to keep the house being clean, cooking by ourselves; we rotated the cookers by the nationality (LAUGH). We almost ate our head off.
MONEY: I can say that it was ample enough to make a living there. I got salary from the

COMPANY. The ticket fee was paid by the company as Japan’s law. I did not even ask my parents to transfer me some money. I spent money lavishly to travel and eating however, If you can control your mind, you will get a lot of money back home.
WORKING: Learning new things is exciting for me. I enjoyed the right to be an internship worthily by asking everything I doubt or want to know then taking notes. Because it’s only once times in life therefore I utterly seized this chance. I have obtained so many things from the company that’s why I needed to return as much I got from them by doing the best job I can, devoting to the assignment in order to make the most profit to them.


Q: What do you think about yourself after coming back?

A: My self-awareness is increased. I know myself more than I was. I know what I really need, my strength and weakness. I spend money more wisely, my responsibility is getting better. Besides, My Japanese and English is improved.


Q: Why should anybody take an internship with AIESEC?

A: There are various and exciting things we must explore them. Stop saying that you cannot do it, It’s impossible because It will come out as you said. Cheer yourself up! We can do it! Get out of our comfort zone and Make it possible ^^.


As Kwanchanok, you can live an amazing experience abroad through our AIESEC exchange programs. We invite you to check our portal to see discover all the opportunities we have specially for you.